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  1. Hi Brad,

    Big fan of your articles and wanted to follow up regarding eReaders. As a software developer, I’m itching at the bit to have an open platform to develop plugins for eReaders. Maybe the new tablet from apple is the solution? Maybe not though…depends entirely on what the tablets focus is on.

    As an avid reader, the plugins I’m looking at developing are geared more towards the literature and art enthusiast. Up till now, most of technology cater to the techno-geeks, rather than the huge group of non-techy people, but who can still benefit from technology.

    For example, could you imagine a plugin that could be installed on eReaders that allow people to communicate regarding a particular novel with other people who are also reading that same novel and are even currently reading the same page as you right now?

  2. Hey Brad…I was totally taken in by the Four Frames strip created by Scott Chantler and posted last week. So struck in fact that I bought the original version Scott created. Scott did note that you created the title block and I was wondering if I could get a copy of it from you so I can frame both pieces together?

    Bob Lee

    BTW: Love the new CBC Music website. Tons of great stuff there!!

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